This book is called ” Man of the match” and it about a boy called Jamie Johnson who is a footballer and he goes down the wrong track because he is thinking about his dad and about the report in the news that how far I have got to read BY victor afolabi

Dear  valentine I am writing to you about what happen here I am bad just like peter I hurt I boy but the thing is that he attacked me and I moved so quickly in classes because they think am good at this and now am at a group called the rat so somethings are going […]

Don’t pick the one that lie to my face  but get the water that will wets them out.                            Like my daughters and you the water or rain wet the crops that are  mine King                   […]

Dear Cordelia I am writing to you saying am am dearly sorry for what  I said,  can you forgive me but I can see that you are the Queen in France and I hope that you my daughters have a great time with you husband but before you  go can you come and see me […]

Women in Shakespeare’s theatre. TASK 1. Match these word togther • 1.rebellious-going against the rule • 2. Obedient -following someone else’s rules • 3.charming-attractive and persuasive • 4.bawdy-funny but quite rude and uneducated • 5.deceiful-lying or cheating • 6. Dependent-needing the support of another • 7.virtous-innocent and pure • 8. Scheming-making dangerous plans • 9. […]

  King lear   My three children, come now! I went to  tell you something important, is’t about … the… land and who loves me the MOST ? Goneril       I do my your king I love you the most out them lot they just want the land and boys, money Cordelia   […]

This is about king called king lear and he has three girls and he tell this daughter who love me the most and they will get the biggest land. As you read on you can see that Goneril sounds  fake or false and this is a prove “Dear than eye-sight ,space,and librety” .when you read […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway